Mystery School Book 1: Islid

This is a tale from L.C. Matherne, the pages of which you will turn to mysticism, magic, mystery, intrigue and murder, too. Let’s not forget sorcery, politics, high society, romance, music, dancing, kung fu, and laughs—of which you’ll find a few.


“A complex young adult novel full of mystery and intrigue.”

— Union Square Books

About Author

Born in Istanbul, raised in the Mojave Desert, and descended from Scots, Arabs, and Frenchmen, L. C. Matherne presents her first long work of fiction, channeled over a number of years from Angels, both fearsome and benevolent. L.C. distinguished herself early as a voice worth hearing, and received both the Blake award for poetry and the Sedaris award for humor writing at Glouton Preparatory school. She nearly graduated with honors, but mysteriously disappeared just before her final exams, only to re- emerge some years later at Marvard University, where she continued her studies with Dr. Saul Mather on his work of using the intention of language and thought to perceptibly shift molecules, as well as his work on the Cosmic, generally. Though she was assumed dead after an assassination attempt by the Proletum for her clandestine work with the Remundus, she miraculously survived the fall from the cliffs of Colorado’s Black Canyon, and now has officially gotten the last laugh with the publication of Islid, the first novel of the Mystery School series, which is rumored to be based (very) loosely on her experience at Glouton. Currently she lives, utterly alone and isolated, in a crystal cave, somewhere in Arkansas.